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The Pradarian Commonwealth
Pradesija Savieniiba
Flag of
Motto: Bezmaksas un Bezbailiigs
"Free and Fearless."
Anthem: Jums, Es zveeru
"To you, I swear"
Largest Someplace
Official languages Pradeu
Demonym Pradarian (Pr. Pradesu)
Government Commonwealth
 -  Head of State Triumvirate
 -  Head of Government Speaker of the Small Council
 -  Treaty of Vytautas c. 800 
 -  Uprising of Valdnieki Vasaraa c. 1500 
 -  Total 1,715,833 km2
662,487 sq mi
 -  2016 estimate 93,000,000
HDI (2016)Increase 0.721
Currency Kronis
Date format dd-mm-yyyy
Drives on the left
Calling code +2112
Internet TLD .pr
Pradaria, officially The Pradarian Commonwealth (native language: Pradesija Savieniiba) is a relatively wealthy, relatively large nordic nation located in Northern Yurope Anterra. The Commonwealth geographically occupies the whatever basin, whatever peninsula and the whatever island, and shares land borders with Ergoth to the south, and Tule and 9 to the west. Sea borders are shared with Ergoth and whoever to the east on the sea of whatever, Tule to the west and Luzarra to the north. Pradesija also shares arctic borders with Luzarra in the arctic north. The Commonwealth has a metropolitan area of around 1,715,833sq. km and a population of 93 million.

Pradaria is a unitary directorial commonwealth that operates under a mixed form of government inspired by the ideals of (pradarian socialist utilitarianist pagan woo??). Greater Good in One Country. The head of state is held by a triumvirate who while hold ultimately hold power, share this role with the small council. Although political parties are banned by law, there is some international debate as to whether the commonwealth is a de-facto one party state due to the influence of the Futurist Society. The capital city is Kaķkaelkonis, while the largest city is Reezekne.

While the Commonwealth's history is taken to have begun in the 11th century during the Northern Yurope Crusades, Pradaria's history as a nation stretches back hundreds of years before that, with texts from the notromanempire talking of a far northern realm. History stuff goes here. Fought wars, gained and lost ground, discovered places. Made Belgium.

Pradaria is a developed country, with a strong and well established heavy industrial base, and supporting service sectors. Citizens enjoy a high quality of life, with relatively high social freedoms. It is considered by some (who?) to have some power relative to its neighbors.

Etymology Edit

Named for southern flatlands by notromanempire, native name is a corruption of that.

History Edit

Fighting, exploring

Geography Edit

Flat to the south, rising hills and mountains inland. Maybe volcanoes on island.

Climate Edit

Cold probably


Political System Edit

Pradaria is a unitary state run as a directorial commonwealth, which combines elements of technocracy and demarchy under a parliamentary framework. The head of state is an unelected directorial body consisting of three people who collectively form the highest authority in the nation. Executive power is exercised by both the triumvirate and the Small Council(cabinet) of which they are also a part of. Legislative power is vested in a unique one-and-a-half house system consisting of the permanent parliament and the biannual (annual?) (landsmet). Parliament is made up of 507 seats consisting of appointed experts, bureaucratic and technical heads and ordinary members chosen by lottery to serve as representatives of their local areas. The landsmet is an annual gathering of citizens acting as representatives of their local communities, who are vested with legislative authority and are able to raise bills or acts directly to government. Both by its nature, and explicitly by law, no political parties exist in government. However, the Futurist Society is considered by some to be a de facto party, thus inferring that Pradaria is a single party state. The government officially follows a nationalist third way position.

Structure Edit

Administrative Divisions Edit

Pradaria is a highly unitary state, and local governments hold very limited power compared to the central government. Pradaria is divided into xx provinces which act as purely administrative and geographical divisions hold no real power.

Security Forces Edit

Security Forces The Pradarian Security Forces (Pradarian: Predariju Drossiibas Speeki) is a term that refers to the unified organisations responsible for the security and defence of the Pradarian state and people.

Law enforcementEdit

  • National Police (Valsts Policija)
  • Railway Police (Dzelzcella Policija)
  • Roads Polce (Celli Policija)


Main article - Pradarian Armed Forces

  • Army (Armija)
    • Army Air Forces (Armija Gaisa Speeki)
  • Navy (Kara Flote)
  • Border Guard (Robezzsargs)


  • Homeguard (Zemessargi)
  • Gendermeri?

Civil DefenceEdit

  • Firefighting corps. (Ugunsdzeesiibas Korpuss)
  • Medical corps. (Mediciinas Korpuss)

Intelligence agenciesEdit

  • Office of Strategic Services <foreign intel> (Birojs Strateeggisko Dienestu)
  • Office of State Security <domestic intel> (Birojs Valsts Drossiibas)

Foreign Relations Edit

Tries to be nice, but everyone is mean :<
So just massive army :>

Demographics Edit

Languages Edit

прибалтийского говорят луна